Impact of GST on Gated Community Plots in Coimbatore

The GST (Goods and Services Tax) reform has many positive impact on India’s real estate sector, particularly in terms of buyer sentiment and the public perception of the industry. One of the biggest tax reforms since India’s independence, GST, which follows a One Nation, One Tax principle and philosophy, effectively cuts through many taxation complexities that have been making legal compliance a pain in the country. Continue reading

A Guide to Make Sure the Residential Plot You are Buying is Legally Clear

Picture this: You’re enjoying the perks of your new home when authorities come knocking, telling you that you’ve been living in an illegally acquired land/illegally built development. There have been more than a few cases of families being displaced because of similar issues, losing huge chunk, if not all of their estate investment because of their lack of due diligence. No matter how trustworthy you think your broker is, it pays making sure that all the documents and papers you require are in place and duly inspected to be free from any legal issues before signing any dotted line. Continue reading

Tips To Real Estate Buyers To Buy Villas At Right Spot

Despite the fact that homeowners get to see many plots for sale and villas, it is also a fact that a limited number of locations offer the best choice for home buyers. Coimbatore real estate like many other locations in India is a mature, developed and expanding location.  Due to the expansion and the pleasant climate of Coimbatore, it is necessary to pick the right location for villas. Here are a few tips worth considering. Continue reading

3 Thing that turnoff buyers From Investing in Real Estate

Many prospective home buyers sometimes tend to drop the idea of investing in real estate because of many reasons that lead to apprehensions. It is not too difficult to see how the prospective home owners end up changing their decision on the acquisition. However, it is possible to choose a good property in Kovaipudur by following simple guidelines when making a choice of property. Here are 3 different reasons that need to be considered before buying property in Kovaipudur. Continue reading

Tips for Real Estate Investor to Invest in Villas in Coimbatore

Coimbatore continues to be one of the best destinations for real estate investors looking for a great selection of properties that are suitable for every budget. Some of the best-selling properties are Coimbatore villas that meet the demand for high-quality luxury housing in the city. Villas are great properties, as they are versatile and attractive to non-resident Indians in case you intend to rent them out. Likewise, they can be vacation homes for you and your family. Continue reading

Know About Stamp Duty and Registration When Buying Residential Plots in Coimbatore

Documentation and registration are critical aspects in the process of buying residential plots in Coimbatore. If you want to start building your dream home soon, you must take the time for the stamp duty and registration procedure, as the sale of the residential plot cannot automatically determine its ownership. Legal papers and other necessary documents will indicate the clear title, and your legal acquisition of the plot can only be completed upon fulfilling the registration of documents and paying for stamp duty. Continue reading

How to Find the Best Villas in Coimbatore?

The top factor you must consider when finding the best villa in Coimbatore is the location. After all, the luxurious design and facilities of your villa will always be affected by your surroundings. A bad location will radically change the aesthetic of your posh home and negatively impact the quality of life you and your family will have. The best place to look for villas in Coimbatore is in exclusive developments. Top-notch local builders and developers have been building upscale gated communities in the fine location of Kovaipudur, which is perfectly between nature and the city.  Continue reading

Villa in Coimbatore: Luxury Place to Stay

Are you dreaming of a living a luxurious life in a villa in Coimbatore? You can make that dream a reality. Coimbatore mixes stunning views and serene surroundings with accessibility to the city and major business centres. Gated communities developed by reputable local builders—which are located within Kovaipudur or India’s Little Ooty—are particularly popular because they provide the very definition of luxury living. With the right balance of location, aesthetic, high-quality service and respect for nature, these posh villas are attracting families, retirees, as well as investors. Here are just a few of the many reasons why these luxurious villas in Coimbatore are worth your consideration if you are in the market for a new home:  Continue reading

Upcoming Projects of JRDRealtorss

If you are dreaming of owning a luxury home, you should consider working with a reputable and experienced developer and builder like JRD Realtorss. The company of promoters, builders, and developers are involved in crafting stylish and modern villas in Coimbatore. With their help, you can move into a well-equipped villa in Coimbatore according to your budget and your unique requirements. All homes made by JRD Realtorss are in gated communities with continuous water supply, paved roads, reliable electricity and backup power sources, and lush greenery. The homes are at prime locations within easy reach of educational institutions, commercial centers, hospitals, and transportation hubs. Continue reading

In Case of Default from Either Party, Cancel the Sale Agreement Under the Recent RERA

When the Indian National Congress government introduced the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) in 2013, it started a change in the way home buyers and developers do business. Under RERA, it is now acceptable for home buyers and the real estate developer to cancel the sale agreement in case of a default by any of them. However, the RERA act also enables both parties to change the sales agreement, as long as both parties agree to the action. New home buyers and those who are continuously investing in villas in Coimbatore should be aware of the recent RERA. Agreement for the sale aims to prevent bias for either the buyer or the developer. Continue reading

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