Best Place to Live in Coimbatore

The city of Coimbatore surrounded by lush-green acres of land and the beautiful Western Ghats make a perfect place for settling down for a lifetime. The city, which is known for the beauty of nature and the advantage of enriching business opportunities, has several places of interests to put our roots down. Either you are building your very own luxury vial in Coimbatore or looking for individual villas to buy, you will have choices galore to explore and buy.

Take the case of Kovaipudur for instance. This beautiful location, away from the hustle and bustle of the city traffic is where one should look for a villa in Coimbatore. Not only is the place known for its lush green surroundings, and of course, the wind that blows directly from the Ghats to cool the surroundings naturally. Located in the south-west boundary of the city, Kovaipudur can be best described and lives up to its nickname ‘Little Ooty’. What else can one require than having our very own individual villa in Coimbatore, at the foothills of the beautiful mountains?

The best part of Kovaipudur locality is its proximity to the city centre too, despite the remoteness of its surroundings. There are public transports, buses, taxis or anything else that you wish to hire from Kovaipudur to any place in and around Coimbatore. Also, unlike the usual problems associated with staying far away from the city centre, this place offers comforts of all kinds expected of a city dweller. There are hospitals, educational institutions, connectivity to airports, and also malls and shops to name a few, to make your weekend as pleasurable as possible.

So, if you are looking for villa projects in Coimbatore, and something out of ordinary and exquisite, there is no other place best suited than the Kovaipudur. There are many projects that have come up over the years in the place- gated communities, individual villas, villa projects and much more. The villa projects also come with all modern amenities and other facilities one can expect out of a gated community.  From best designs in villas to bespoke homes for those interested in creating their own space, you can have any of the options in the place.

Enjoy peace, solitude and heavenliness in this quaint little town, away, yet almost a part of the city of Coimbatore!

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