Consider the Latest Interior Design for Kovaipudur Apartments

Buying a new Kovaipudur apartment under construction? Make sure that the one you’re choosing is open for customisation so can express your creativity and unique style—and thus make your apartment truly feel like home. Before your brand new Kovaipudur apartment is completely finished, consider implementing

these latest interior and exterior design trends.

Open living and dining areas

These days, it’s all about open floorplans—living rooms that open to the dining area. Many homebuyers prefer fewer walls between their living spaces because dividing each room can make the apartment look smaller and cluttered. Open living and dining areas provide more space and create harmony and seamless connectivity. You may add bench seating to somehow create a distinction between the two parts of the apartment while maintaining their connection. These additional seats also make your apartment more welcoming for your guests.

Wooden floors

Wood materials have never lost their charm; it’s just that these days, they are much more appreciated. Wooden floors easily create warmth and add character so that rooms become more visually appealing.

Richer and bolder walls

While neutral colour palettes are still popular, richer and bolder wall colours are slowly getting attention. You will notice designers moving away from the safe neutral colours that match most decors towards richer and bolder tones to create more unique spaces. Walls coloured with bright red, shocking pink, and sunflower yellow paints are harder to decorate. But decoration, done right, could bring more drama and make a style statement. They can make your Kovaipudur apartment truly one of its kind.

Vintage lighting

Recessed lighting is not totally out. Many are still opting for this lighting style which hides the fixtures on the ceilings. However, you’ll surely notice more vintage-style fixtures being used in home makeovers. Chandeliers, pendant lights and sconces are making their comeback, but they will not be decorated with steel and chrome finishes—just copper or brass.

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