Factors to Be Considered Before Investing in Residential Plots in Coimbatore

Looking to buy or invest in a residential plot in Coimbatore? Whether you are planning to build your home on it or simply hold on to it and sell for a profit later, there are several factors that you should be considering. Buying a plot is different from buying a home. Here are some factors that you should take careful consideration when buying

residential plots in Coimbatore.

The seller

Are you buying from an individual seller or a builder? If you are buying from a builder, are you sure that the land is in their name? The first thing you want to clarify is if the seller or the builder has the legal rights to sell the land. This is important as there are issues where sellers and small-time builders sold plots of land that they don’t even legally own. Ask the seller or builder to show important documents as proof that they have the rights on the property. Look for an arrangement to sell certificate, property tax receipts, a previous title deed, Khata certificate, and encumbrance certificate.

The location of the plot

If you want to get a high return on your investment in the future, then choose a residential plot in Coimbatore in an ideal location. Look for plots in areas close to schools, universities, malls, and where there are new developments happening. The properties in these locations have the highest potential to increase in value because they are strategically positioned in areas that many homebuyers find desirable.

The size and shape of the plot

These factors are important not only because they affect the price of the property but also because they have a large impact on the quality of your day to day life. The ideal plots are square or rectangular because they are auspicious. AsideĀ  from size and shape, also consider the direction of the plot. Try to look for north-facing properties, Although, east and west facing plots can also be considered.

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