Individual Houses for Sale in Coimbatore: Know Your Options, Price Trend & Role of a Real Estate Builder

Coimbatore is an excellent place to live in India. It has the modern conveniences of a city and the feel and ambiance of a resort. You have many options if you want to purchase a house for sale in Coimbatore. Here are three of them:

  • Old houses – These are existing structures that have already been live in by previous owners and occupants. It can be hard to find an old house that will be able to meet your needs and requirements. You might also end up spending more money remodeling and updating an old house.
  • Pre-built homes – Some real estate builders in Coimbatore offer pre-built or ready-to-move-in houses. They may be ideal for people who want to move in quickly but again, this type of property is pretty basic and will need a lot of work. Some of the cheaper ones are bare boxes that you have to fill up yourself.
  • Custom villas – This is the best option if you want a home with all the frills. Find a good real estate builder that can offer complete services, amenities, and features. The best custom villa builders allow you to choose the type of flooring to the setup of the kitchen and even fixtures and sanitary ware from quality brands. Most custom villas are located within gated and secure communities.

The price of properties in Coimbatore depends on the type of structure, size, and location. Here’s an expert tip: Never base your decision on the initial cost alone. You also have to factor in other things such as new furniture or the installation of energy back up or water filtration systems.  Some real estate builders include these amenities into the cost of a custom villa, so you actual save money in the long run. A good real estate developer even goes the extra mile and offers extra services like helping you get an approval for a home loan.

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