Know About the Recent Trends in the Real Estate Market in Coimbatore

Coimbatore is in Tamil Nadu, and it is among the highly industrialized cities in South India due to its textile industry. Its real estate market continues to flourish due to a wealth of construction projects, commercial development, and road developments, especially in the outskirts of the city, like in Kovaipudur. Small and big builders alike are building high-quality modern homes in Kovaipudur, making Coimbatore an attractive option for families and retirees who want to relocate to a tranquil and green environment without being too far from everything the city has to offer.

Conservative industry estimates predict that the value of property investments should double due to more people considering to move or buy a home in Kovaipudur. The Coimbatore residential real estate market experienced a boom from 2009 to 2011, but it continues to thrive today. The prices of properties were stable in 2013. The Residex Index data from the National Housing Board revealed that Coimbatore’s index increased from its base value in January 2007 to 184 in January to March in 2013.

There are many benefits to buying a home in Coimbatore. The weather is the most attractive feature of the city, especially in areas like Kovaipudur. The temperature and winds in Kovaipudur are significantly lower than in the city center, making the area popular with retirees, ex-pats, and families. Employees and executives of foreign firms and IT companies are attracted to Coimbatore’s real estate market, too. Coimbatore has excellent hospitals, abundant water supply, high-quality educational institutions, and well connected roads and transportation projects.

Real estate specialists found that more than 90 percent of residential property buyers are end-users who intend to occupy the homes either at a later time or immediately. This way, prices can be stabilized and absorption is maintained at a high level. Many homes are in gated communities and are custom crafted to suit the lifestyle, budget, and personal needs of buyers.

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